Step by step instructions to Replace a Broken LCD Screen On a Laptop

broken screen can make a PC to be totally inadequate, however fortunately it tends to be fixed, despite the fact that it requires a bit of specialized adroit to achieve. A slight break or a scratch on the screen can prevent you from utilizing your PC to accomplish any significant work. To fix a broken PC screen, you need to have the right instruments to work with, this will make the assignment simpler.

When purchasing the replacement LCD screen, you should guarantee that the new screen coordinates with the broken one exactly. The best way to ensure this is to eliminate the former one and go with it to where you mean to buy the upgraded one or duplicate the model number of the broken screen. The bit by bit guide underneath will tell you the best way to supplant a broken PC screen.

Broken LCD screens

Stage 1

Start the method involved with eliminating the PC screen by separating the PC from power supply and eliminating the battery, to eliminate the battery, open it and afterward slide it out from the PC.

Stage 2

The following stage is to eliminate the Broken LCD screens, it is held by certain screws and these screws are covered via seals or pads. Eliminate these seals and afterward eliminate the screws getting screen bezel.

Stage 3

Spot your fingers between the plastic screen bezel and the LCD screen, and afterward discharge the plastic screen bezel getting the PC screen utilizing a plastic to lift up the bezel at the edge. Kindly do not utilize a screwdriver or a metal to lift up the bezel at the edge since it might make further harm the screen.

Stage 4

After the bezel have been totally taken out, with the LCD’s mounting sections currently uncovered, continue to eliminate the screws that ties down the section to the cover, then, at that point rest the front side of the screen on the PC case and disengage it is link.

Stage 5

Eliminate the screw holding the LCD inverter board, separate the inverter links on the two sides of the board and afterward eliminate the LCD inverter board.

Stage 6

Eliminate the tape getting the video link and detach the video link from the LCD screen, note that the video link connector is covered up under a tape.

Stage 7

Eliminate the screws getting the PC screen on each side and afterward cautiously eliminate the LCD screen from the PC

Stage 8

The interaction is presently finished